Wednesday, 6 March 2013


These are some images I have scanned in from my Marie Claire magazine, which highlights the 1920s and has given me ideas for how I can photograph my  final piece and include different backgrounds and show my themes well to enhance my final piece.

I really like the different colours used and how the images have been made to look old and dated as it it is still in the 1920s.

 I really like the styling used in this photography work and the effects used as the lighting on them fade and some aspects are smudged and blurred.

I really like the lighting used or manipulated on these images as they show the 1920s well. I also like the camera angles to show the different aspects of the garments.

I have used this image as inspiration for my design work and my final piece as the different looks and styles have helped me understand the 1920s and how it is seen to inform others.

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