Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pattern pieces for my final piece...

Here I have taken images of the pattern construction for my final piece. I have taken pictures of the steps towards my final piece as I wanted to show how I have created it linking to my research and showing how it has informed my design work and final pattern work and garment.

These are my pattern pieces for the front of my dress.

 This is the starting point of my dress and
experimenting with the shapes and how to manipulate a dress block into my own design. I started off with the shape of the dress and then concentrated on the different elements such as the separate paneling in the middle of the dress, at the top ad then at the bottom. I then concentrated on the middle panel as there is paneling inside that, which shows the art deco aspect to my theme. Then I traced all the pattern pieces of separately and added seam allowance to all of them and labelled them all correctly.

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