Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How my theme has evolved...

Throughout my blog I have research thoroughly the 1920s and Art Deco so I could enable myself to get a good and better understanding of my themes and what they consisted of. I researched several artists and designers for my themes to understand their thought processes to help inform my design work, sampling and final piece. 

For my context of practice design and practical work i had to chose a theme from the lectures and seminars to base my work upon. I chose an iconic fashion decade - the 1920s fashion and focus on the changing roles for women in the society and how the world war 1 influenced the fashions and how designers and artists interacted more within the decade and how they influenced it massively along with the art deco movement, which is what the styles of women's clothing was based upon to accentuate the femininity and make them stand out to show their more active roles.

Google images 25/10/12

I will also be researching the types of clothing in the 1920s, art deco, femininity, various films and music and focusing on certain actresses within the decade as inspiration.

I am aiming to use the 1920s fashion and combine it with the art deco movement for decoration and techniques and research how fashion changed and also the political research, which informed the fashion as the 1920 fashion was introduced after world war I.

Google images 25/10/12

Photography of final piece...

This is the photography of my final piece. I used the photography research as inspiration for colour changes, backgrounds and styling. The background and the colour of the photograph is antique as there wasn't a lot of colour photographs being produced in the 1920s. I think it shows both elements of my theme well and strong.


I have added some extra exhibition work as it helped inform some of my fabric samples due to the shapes used, the layouts and the placements.

Primary imagery.
November 2009, V&A, London.

I found the shape of the garments interesting and also the fabrics used.

I found the colours and fabrics interesting along with the garment shapes and also the style and techniques used.

I found the materials used interesting and the inspirations behind the clothing. Also the photography and styling of the garments.

I found the print interesting and the placement of it. It also helped inform the placement of my art deco paneling in the middle of my dress.


These are some images I have scanned in from my Marie Claire magazine, which highlights the 1920s and has given me ideas for how I can photograph my  final piece and include different backgrounds and show my themes well to enhance my final piece.

I really like the different colours used and how the images have been made to look old and dated as it it is still in the 1920s.

 I really like the styling used in this photography work and the effects used as the lighting on them fade and some aspects are smudged and blurred.

I really like the lighting used or manipulated on these images as they show the 1920s well. I also like the camera angles to show the different aspects of the garments.

I have used this image as inspiration for my design work and my final piece as the different looks and styles have helped me understand the 1920s and how it is seen to inform others.

Final piece...

This is my final piece, which I have created. I wanted to focus on just the front of my garment as it best displays my theme, colour palette, combined fabrics, ideas and techniques and also the shape of the garment to link to the 1920s and Art Deco, which is where the technical elements were involved. The technical elements were that the front of my dress was divided up into different panels with shaped appliques tassels and behind the tassels are pint tucked and pleated panels to represent the art deco aspect and also represent the 1920s, which I think it does. I think the front of this garment is very strong and represents my theme well. The colours combined together with the fabric qualities shows the history and the fashion within my theme - 1920s and I think it all compliments each other well. 

 Final Garment on a mannequin                                          Front art deco panel

Black tassels at the bottom of dress

Pattern pieces for my final piece...

Here I have taken images of the pattern construction for my final piece. I have taken pictures of the steps towards my final piece as I wanted to show how I have created it linking to my research and showing how it has informed my design work and final pattern work and garment.

These are my pattern pieces for the front of my dress.

 This is the starting point of my dress and
experimenting with the shapes and how to manipulate a dress block into my own design. I started off with the shape of the dress and then concentrated on the different elements such as the separate paneling in the middle of the dress, at the top ad then at the bottom. I then concentrated on the middle panel as there is paneling inside that, which shows the art deco aspect to my theme. Then I traced all the pattern pieces of separately and added seam allowance to all of them and labelled them all correctly.