Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Research boards...

These are the images of my research boards. I have completed my inspiration board, colour board, fabric board and shape and silhouette board. All of my boards show what i have been researching but what theme i have chosen and what it is about and what i am basing it on and all of my research areas and points to look at as guidance and inspiration for my design work, sampling and my final piece.

Inspiration board


This board is clear and shows my theme and intentions well as to the direction of my project. I also think the layout is strong and links to my chosen theme well.

Colour board

This board indicates my theme and the colours i will be using for my design work and final piece.

Fabric board

This is my fabric board and i link it is very clear as to what fabrics i will sample with and create my final piece with. They link to my theme well as these are the fabrics that were used on the garments in the 1920s. 

Shape and silhouette board

 This is my shape and silhouette board and it shows my theme and how i will link art deco into my design work and final garment. I also think the layout is strong.

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