Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Design work and fabric samples...

These are the images of my design work, which I have created using all the research I have collected and read into as I found all the research from the 1920s very interesting, which helped a lot with my design work along with the images I have collected to do with the 1920s and also Art Deco. My design work represents my chosen theme well and also my research.

I have also created some fabric samples to inform my design work and give me ideas for my final piece and how I can manipulate them to fit into a garment to show both elements of my theme and also represent my research. The fabrics I have used is Silk and Cotton as these were the materials used in the 1920s. The colours are strong and they represent Art Deco as well as the 1920s due to the black and the gold being included as red and blue are strong colours and they were used a lot in art deco work as they are very strong and bold to make the work stand out.

This is a quick drawing I did to help with the silhouette of the garments and understand what the garments consisted of and how to create my own garment designs using this drawing as inspiration.

These are some of my designs. I have used all of my research and my boards to help with both the 1920s element and the art deco element due to the fact they consist of some structured elements and interesting shapes.

These are some more designs as I wanted to be more experimental and play around with layouts and the art deco element as I wanted to expend on the designs from the first page and try to manipulate them even more.

These are some more designs I have created and I have experimented more with both elements to my theme and I have focused on certain parts of the designs to expand on and draw more clearly to understand how they will be made and then constructed onto the garment itself.


These designs have been expanded on and show how I can use the structured art deco element to create unusual shapes and create different layouts and understand how I can use the same image/design to keep drawing form and manipulate it even more.

These designs have been inspired my boards and I have focused on the shaping and adding different elements to the garments to see how they would work with the fabrics, colours and shapes. I have also focused on certain elements.

All of these designs have been inspired by my boards and the fabrics I aim to use. The colours have also influenced my designs as they have helped with the placement and the layout of the attachments so I could experiment with them and keep them linking back to my research. Including the fabric samples helped with my design ideas as I was able to see how particular detailing was made.

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  1. I love the layout of your boards they really help to push your theme and are really easy to understand.